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Bluetooth Pairing The G3 Pro To A Sound System 1377

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Bluetooth Pairing The G3 Pro To A Sound System
« on: October 17, 2017, 09:50:34 AM »
The G3 Pro delivers great surround sound via a wireless Bluetooth connection to our Vizio S5451w sound system!

The process to set it up is simple:

On the G3 Pro:

Go to Bluetooth in settings
Turn Bluetooth on
Turn Discoverable on

On the Vizio Sound System:

Hold the Bluetooth Icon on the Soundbar for 5 seconds until the led bar scrolls OR -
Set to Bluetooth.
Set to Pair.
When PAIRED Shows go back to the G3 Pro, click refresh, then click on the Sound Systems name.

The G3 Pro will continue to be paired with the soundbar the next time you use it so you do not have to set it up again.


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